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Why Can A Baby Sign Before Speaking? ~ Chris

There are a few main reasons.  For one, your baby’s muscular coordination is still in the works.  While the hands and feet are being progressively more refined in their controlled, the muscles required to control the vocal cords require even … Continue reading

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Can Babies Fingerspell? Baby Signing ~ Chris

The quick answer is sort-of.  Older toddlers can definitely fingerspell.  Babies and young toddlers can certainly dabble.  And by dabble I mean that they can do finger spelling approximations. If you do decide to introduce fingerspelling, don’t expect too much.  … Continue reading

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A Trip To The Chickens ~ Courtney

Sometimes I wonder how much signing enhances a baby’s comprehension of the world.  Obviously a baby can communicate his desires and observations, but does having a signing vocabulary of over a hundred words allow him to understand things better? I … Continue reading

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Asking For Gorilla Cereal ~ Chris

We had been looking more and more into eating gluten-free primarily because we’d had a hunch that my diet demanded it.  Therefore we had been getting more and more gluten free foods in our pantry.  My wife, thankfully, does the … Continue reading

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Encouraging Others To Sign With Your Baby ~ Chris

Grandparents love to sign with their grandchildren.  They will be absolutely dumbfounded if they haven’t yet witnessed a signing baby!  Because a baby is of relation will make this new experience even more special. Start off by taking the time … Continue reading

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