Looking for teachable moments

DefinitiveBabySignCom - GeeseA teachable moment is anytime your baby is highly receptive to learning a sign. You will discover through trial and error that not all moments are created equal. [Left: A toddler’s version of the sign BIRD] For example, there will be times when your baby is simply not interested in cooperating whereas other times your baby will actively seek you out and seem to ask you for a lesson. The first opportunity is obviously a bad time to teach a sign whereas the second is the perfect opportunity. Instead of getting caught up in the moment and trying to fit your baby into your teaching schedule, try listening to them and follow theirs as much as possible. With time, they’ll become more focused creating more flexible learning, but for now, just go with their interests.

Teachable moments are anytime your baby seems interested in an object for which you would like to teach a sign. When you son’s face is glued to the patio window watching birds at the feeder is a great time to teach the sign for BIRD. An AIRPLANE flying overhead is the right time to teach the sign, but only if your baby isn’t busy trying to catch a BUG, daydreaming, tired, fussy, hungry, learning to crawl – you get the idea. If you repeatedly try to teach a sign for which your baby lacks interest, just drop it from the list and try again later. Not all things are as fascinating as adults think they are!

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