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The Sign That I Didn’t Know ~ Chris

We acquired a new book for our son second hand.  It was a cartoon filled book about as tall as he was and double his width.  Needless to say, there was a lot of things going on, on each page.  … Continue reading

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Is Signing A Rush Toward Growing Up? ~ Chris

No.  Signing is a rush toward connecting.  If you are the type of parent who thinks they can connect on a deeper level without words, than signing is not for you.  I like to know what’s on my baby’s mind, … Continue reading

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Baby Sign Language Report Card – Being Consistent ~ Chris

How well you score as a teacher of baby sign will be reflected directly in how well your baby develops as a signer.  This is an excellent case of a better teacher making a better student.  For example, how consistent … Continue reading

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The Power ~ Chris

Some people think having power is a bad thing.  How about giving babies power, do you think that would turn out properly?  Actually quite well thank you very much! Giving toddlers the powers of communication is liberating for everyone involved.  … Continue reading

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