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When Will Baby Sign Back? ~ Chris

When will my baby sign back is probably the single most common question parents have when the first start teaching their baby to sign.  The easy answer is that baby will sign back just as soon as they are ready … Continue reading

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Most Common Technique To Teaching Sign – “Modeling” ~ Chris

While there are many intricate details to teaching baby sign language including many techniques that will help you avoid pitfalls (as described in our course), the main technique you will employ to teaching a baby to sign is what is … Continue reading

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Potty Training With Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

Wow, what an adventure.  I have to say that all kids are different and no technique is going to work with all children, but I’d like to think that there are some key similarities between all children, but that’s it’s … Continue reading

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Why You Should Continue To Use Baby Sign Language And When You Know It’s Time To Quit. ~ Chris

Plenty of sign language purists will tell you to continue signing forever.  I suppose this classifies me in the other category.  I think I fall in line with the majority however.  Baby signing to me, is a means to an … Continue reading

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