Chapter summary

DefinitiveBabySignCom - Palm Face– Teaching sign language requires a lot of repetition, signs must be done within context and in varying situations and when signs are introduced they should be continued
– When signs are done the words should be said out loud
– Signs must be modeled in baby’s field of vision
– Parents should be very animated and must reward all efforts
– Never show disappointment when signs are don’t perfectly or done at all.
– If possible, have friends and family help.
– Signs are made with the dominant hand and require certain handshapes. They are done with specific movements in specific locations in relation to the body.
– When signing, present the key words within a full sentence, being sure to emphasis the word you are signing.
– Slow down your speech while you sign so baby understands which words you are signing.
– Take the time to get down on your baby’s level when signing to create a connection and sight-line.
– Sign often and throughout the day.
– Have signs prepared for various daily activities such as mealtimes, diaper changes, bath time and walks outdoors.
– Catch teachable moments whenever they appear and introduce signs when baby is most receptive to learning.
– Reward signs even if they appear to be accidents because even this can make them more likely to reoccur.
– A parent giving up too early is the single most common reason a baby fails to sign so don’t give up prematurely.

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