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Rewarding Good Use Of Signs ~ Chris

Any good parent knows that at some point, we all need to draw lines between a child’s demands, their needs and their wants.  Some children will ask for the moon, but naturally since this is totally impossible, it’s denying.  However, … Continue reading

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Teaching Signs By Popping In A DVD ~ Chris

I’m not going to run this thread against any one company.  My point is pretty general and encompasses all media inclusively.  I just don’t think you should outsource baby sign language to a television.  When we’re so caught up with … Continue reading

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Grandma Is Sold On Baby Sign Language! ~ Chris

I can’t say for certain whether or not Grandma (my mom) was totally supportive of our efforts to sign with our boy, but I will say that once he had reached 20 months, the benefits of signing began obvious even … Continue reading

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Teaching My Two-Year-Old Nephew To Sign ~ Chris

Not so long ago I taught my nephew who was a bit older than 2-years-old at the time a few signs just for fun.  My sister had introduced a few signs to his younger brother, but wasn’t doing it in … Continue reading

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How Many Signs Can A Baby Learn? ~ Chris

This is a question many signing parents put out when they first begin on the baby signing journey.  To answer it, you’ll have to ask yourself how many signs you’re willing to teach, because eventually, your baby will learn each … Continue reading

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