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You’re Your Baby’s Model ~ Courtney

Remembering that you are always a model for your signing child gets a little more difficult the more he begins to sign.  Most of my baby’s signs are approximations.  For example, his sign for COOKIE has never resembled the cookie … Continue reading

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Signing SLEEP And The Benefits ~ Chris

Will a toddler really ask to go to SLEEP?  You bet they will if you do it right.  Making a daily routine is a great way to keep a baby on track and comfortable, not to mention confident.  Consistency is … Continue reading

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The Signing Explosion ~ Chris

At 15 months my son reached his signing explosion (see actually data above).  In fact, there was a time when we literally ran out of signs-on-the-go.  We weren’t working on anything and yet it was clear that he was interested … Continue reading

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Instantly Solving Problems With Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

I remember the day when my son figured out where the milk and water is stored!  He’d go over to the fridge naturally and point.  Obviously he wanted something from the fridge, or maybe on top of the fridge?  It … Continue reading

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