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When Baby Speaks There’s No Reason To Continue, Or Introduce Signing ~ Chris

My title should read polar opposite!  In fact, when your baby starts to talk, is the perfect time to add more signs, or even start signing if you haven’t yet.  There are many benefits to adding signs as baby’s turn … Continue reading

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Grandma Was Actually Impressed ~ Chris

It was thanksgiving weekend and my Mom and step Dad were in from out of town for dinner.  I had the chance to show my son off to their delight (and mine too).  It was the first chance I got … Continue reading

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Conversational ASL ~ Chris

ASL like all languages has its own set of rules governing its grammar – as does English.  You might be surprised to learn that they aren’t identical. Generally speaking, ASL sentences follow a “topic”, “comment” (predicate) arrangement with many other … Continue reading

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Baby Sign Language Evolution Versus Spoken Language Evolution ~ Chris

Baby sign language develops similar to spoken language development.  First signs are recognized before they can be signed.  That is, your baby will understand what a sign means when you do it, but it will take some time before your … Continue reading

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