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Seeing Patterns ~ Chris

If you’ve got a signing baby, you know exactly what I mean when I say that an entire new world is reopened.  Once your baby is signing, they’ll see much more than you will.  They’ll begin to point out BIRDS … Continue reading

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An Odd Benefit To Singing – Saying “No” Specifically ~ Chris

It might seem odd that one of the benefits I have seen to signing is the ability to say “no” to some of the requests my son makes as he signs.  You are probably wondering how that’s a benefit at … Continue reading

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Failure To Sign Baby’s Interests ~ Chris

Many parents wonder why their baby is taking so long to start signing back.  This usually is a huge cause for unnecessary concern.  Always remember that your baby is going to sign back just as soon as he’s ready and … Continue reading

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Photos As Memory Aids ~ Chris

We live in a different world than our parents grew up in with loads of good and probably an equal amount of bad.  While our parents tended to live in the moment and take it all in, we can and … Continue reading

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