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Making Babies Bilingual Through Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

Teaching a baby to sign will not make your baby bilingual.  It has been argued by some that baby sign is like a second language.  However, as we discuss in the online course the rules to teaching baby sign language … Continue reading

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Sign Anchoring ~ Chris

Sign anchoring is a technique used to test agreement between a babies comprehension of a word and their desire to obey it.  For example, telling a baby to WAIT, and having a baby do so, are two entirely unrelated events … Continue reading

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When He Really “Got It” ~ Chris

At about 16 ½ months, my signing baby really started to “get it.”  Up until that point he’d done the signs more or less through approximation, but this time around, he really seemed to watch his hands and ours too.  … Continue reading

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Measuring A Child’s Vocabulary ~ Chris

As you sign with your baby, you might wonder which words to count toward their vocabulary. This can be a useful way to keep your entire family in the loop as to which signs are being used by your baby.  … Continue reading

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