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It Became A Daily Routine ~ Chris

My baby would come up to me and reach and tug to try to pull himself up on my lap.  I’d then ask him if he wanted to come UP.  He’d get excited so I would make him do the … Continue reading

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Baby Pattern Recognition ~ Chris

It’s amazing.  The ability of a baby to pick up patterns and decipher them into meaning.  Here’s just one example, as you sign with your baby you will be blessed with these every day! I was wearing a popular name … Continue reading

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Getting Baby’s Attention – Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

Signing for the benefit of your baby is useless if you can’t capture your baby’s attention!  You’ve probably read or intuitively realize that in order to sign properly you should get down to your baby’s “level.”  That is, you should … Continue reading

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I Agree With Uncle Kevin, Baby Signing Is Great! ~ Chris

Amazing, my brother, my son’s Uncle, is probably the single biggest feat that has been accomplished by signing with my baby.  I’m talking in jest of course.  He’s not easily impressed, but when my baby could ask (sign) for what … Continue reading

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How To Teach Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

The basics and much, much more to baby sign language are taught in our online course, but every now and again, I can take the time to emphasis one of the skills in this blog.  That’s what I intend to … Continue reading

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