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Signs Looking The Same ~ Chris

It wouldn’t be uncommon to have a dozens signs that all look the same when done by your baby.  Babies have very poor fine motor coordination.  Some toddlers even carry this into childhood and by the time they reach school … Continue reading

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The First Signs Are Always The Hardest ~ Chris

Once you have mastered the first few signs, your baby’s abilities will compound and each sign thereafter becomes that much easier to teach.  However, in the early stages you should expect signs to come slowly.  In fact, it might take … Continue reading

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Take Your Camera With You! ~ Courtney

When your baby has caught on that there is a sign for everything, she will look to you to show her the sign for whatever interests her in her environment.  When our son was in the explosion phase of signing, … Continue reading

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Just Sign – Baby Sign Language Is Nothing Like Learning A New Language ~ Chris

Signing requires no extra time – it’s just something you do.  You don’t set time aside to talk to your baby, and signing is the exact same thing.  Just whenever you say a word, sign along, it’s not much more … Continue reading

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