Final Thoughts

DefinitiveBabySignCom - Dad and BoyWe’ve come a long way since we initially presented the foundation to baby sign language. We covered everything you need to know to get started in signing, the various techniques that will help you apply the lessons, along with various pitfalls. By now, you have a complete understanding of baby sign language, all in one place. If you find problems arise as you move forward, please revisit sections of this book and re-read. As mentioned on the outset, each section of the book is carefully titled to make it simple and easy to dig up information as needed.

Teaching baby sign language is a wonderful journey filled with so much upside it’s a wonder why not every parent teaches it. Alas, there’s probably a quick and easy answer to that – most parents simply aren’t informed. True, there are some who sincerely believe that teaching a baby to sign will prevent them from speaking. I hear this often enough that I know it’s out there, however misguided this is. Then again, there are others who simply don’t know that preverbal babies can learn sign language and don’t know how easy it can make life for a new parent. However, not only can a baby sign, but they can do it so much earlier than the general public thinks possible, and with far greater benefits than they could ever imagine.

Your job now is to pass baby signing along to all your friends and help dispel the common myths surrounding baby sign. While you might take an active roll in this endeavor, you can do so in a more passive way too, simply by showcasing your baby’s new-found skills. Either way, you’re performing a valuable service because the more parents find out about signing, the better off their children will be!

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