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When Is A Good Time To Begin Teaching Sign Language To My Baby? ~ Chris

This is a very common question and the answer is “whenever you want…and it depends!”  Motivated parents can start teaching right out of the womb if they so choose, but generally baby’s do best around 8-11 months of age.  You … Continue reading

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What Will My Baby Be Able To Tell Me Through Sign Language? ~ Chris

What won’t they be able to tell you is probably a better question!  Essentially any of the 350 signs tailor selected for the baby sign language course will be fair game for your baby to sign back to you.  They … Continue reading

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Benefits Of Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

Research over the last 25 years by baby sign pioneers Drs. Acredolo and Goodwyn has revealed some pretty amazing benefits to signing with hearing babies. Amongst the benefits to baby signing are: – A reduction in frustration amongst parents and … Continue reading

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Why Signing Should Continue ~ Chris

Many signing parents wonder how long they should continue to sign.  The answer is that you should continue to sign with your baby as long as it’s useful to your baby and as long as your baby expresses interest.  Giving … Continue reading

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