Be consistent with your signs

DefinitiveBabySignCom - Sleeping BlanketThis section is partly in reference to using homesigns or made up signs versus various ASL dialects as well as other sign language systems found around the world. Whatever sign you choose, for whatever word you want to sign, make sure that the sign remains consistent for you and your baby over time. It’s not fair to your baby or to yourself to change signs at random. It’s confusing to everyone involved and frustrating for your baby who is struggling dearly to make out patterns, and coordinate their movements.

This isn’t to say that you can’t change a sign down the road, because all babies are adaptable. It’s just that some more adaptable than others – and those that aren’t, might get frustrated and show resistance. If you introduce a sign but your baby hasn’t yet started to use it and would like to change it, then this is better than sticking to it and changing it once adopted. For example, you might find that a sign you had been doing is incorrect by any version. Better to change it now than after your baby starts to sign it! Regardless, babies are hardy creatures, but why add more frustration to the mix if it can be avoided.

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