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Is Your Baby Ready To Start Signing? ~ Chris

Babies are receptive to signing as early as the day they are born.  However, they won’t sign back until at least 6 months, usually around 9-10 months.  The longer you wait to sign, the sooner your baby will sign back.  … Continue reading

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Sign Cheating ~ Chris

Catch your baby making a motion and find a word which it most resembles it!  This is one of the fastest ways to add a word to your baby’s vocabulary since your baby is already doing the right motion.  All … Continue reading

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Baby Signing Combinations ~ Chris

Once your baby has enough signs under their belt, they will begin to combine signs into sign sentences.  This is a key milestone, but not something that happens for quite some time.  Usually when your baby starts to vocalize more, … Continue reading

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Baby Signing Cast-Away! ~ Chris

I suppose baby sign language has reached a certain level of popularity and might even have reached its peek.  I surmise this due to the fact that upon its mention to parents, a lot will have some form of preconceived … Continue reading

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