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The Big Presentation ~ Chris

Family time.  I recall making it out the big city for dinner with the relatives.  No doubt signing comes up, how can it not, with the little fellow doing all sorts of “random” and “weird” movements with his arms a … Continue reading

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Signs Looking The Same ~ Chris

It’s not a big deal if your baby’s signs start to look the same.  It happened to us too!  That’s really the problem with baby’s doing ASL.  The fact is that ASL is not designed specifically for babies so the … Continue reading

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Signing Clarity ~ Chris

It’s often the case that a signing baby uses the same or similar signs to mean different things.  As your baby develops, his motor coordination is constantly paying catch up to his desires.  However, signs that appear similar shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Labeling HURT – Acknowledging Hurt Prevents Crying ~ Chris

I hate whining. Crying is right up there too, except that I have a little bit more sympathy for that in so much as it because of real distress.  However, that being said, where there’s a way to reduce it, … Continue reading

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Will We Continue With Baby Signing When Our Baby Is Fully Verbal? ~ Chris

Will we continue with baby signing when our baby is fully verbal?  This is a question we, both have been asked, and have considered independently.  However, the answer has yet to be answered – time will tell.  I will say … Continue reading

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