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Teaching The Sign For HURT ~ Chris

This is one of the most important signs to teach your baby.  It will save you many headaches and worry.  Imagine knowing when your baby is ill to their stomach, has stubbed their toe, bumped their head, or has a … Continue reading

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One Of The Most Common Signing Mistakes ~ Chris

One of the biggest mistakes signing parents make is to teach too many signs all at once.  While this isn’t a big deal, what tends to result is.  Because a parent bites off more than they can reasonably chew, the … Continue reading

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Growing With Your Signing Baby ~ Chris

Signing parents need to continue to race ahead of their signing babies to keep them challenged.  Your baby is learning more and more everyday, regardless of whether or not you actively teach them anything.  Our brains are hardwired to decipher … Continue reading

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How Many Signs Should We Teach Our Baby? ~ Chris

This is a common question we all consider when starting to sign with our baby and it’s highly personal.  This means there’s no correct answer.  Some parents might only end up teaching their baby 5 or 10 signs and then … Continue reading

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