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Are Baby’s Smarter Because They Sign? ~ Chris

The short answer is “no.”  However, that doesn’t go without qualification.  Studies have shown that signing drags communication levels forward.  In fact, a baby taught to sign will be a full year ahead of another who hasn’t by age 2.  … Continue reading

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A Fly On The Wall – A Conversation Between My Wife And My Son ~ Chris

At the time, my son was just beginning to speak, but was still using signs with consistency.  As I watched from the kitchen table, my son and wife started up a conversation about what can climb trees. My son would … Continue reading

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Showing Off To Grandma! ~ Chris

When you have non-signers around, always be sure to show off your baby!  No, I’m not being facetious.  Showing your baby off has multiple purposes.  First and foremost it shows others that your baby, while not verbal, has the capacity … Continue reading

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Colour Vision Testing ~ Chris

My went in for his first eye appointment at 20 months and everything was just fine.  While there my wife asked a few questions on my behalf.  One of them was regarding colour vision.  Since my son was about 15 … Continue reading

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Which Baby Signs Are Best To Start With? ~ Chris

This is one of the most common questions new signing parents ask.  Quite simply, the three best signs to start with are EAT, MILK and MORE. First of all, each sign is distinct from one another in the handshape, action … Continue reading

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