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Signing With toddlers – The Silent Art Of Communication ~ Chris

What happens when baby becomes vocal?  You keep signing, that’s what!  And why not?  Signing can still be useful in correcting toddlers and children from long distances.  Do you really want to be that parent.  You know the one who’s … Continue reading

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Time to EAT! ~ Chris

I’ll be pounding away at the keyboard and my son will boot his little buns down the hallway adjacent (it’s a long one 17 feet, in fact) and when he gets there smirk, smile with his eyes and shove his … Continue reading

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Things Babies Don’t Like In Their Rooms At Night ~ Chris

A trip to an outdoors store found my son at odds with a stuffed GOOSE.  This led into fear of a goose in one of his books.  When the connection was made, my son signed GOOSE before going to bed … Continue reading

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Creating New Signs ~ Courtney

Although we do not advocate for home signs at Definitive Baby Sign (i.e., signs made up by someone in your home that are different from a recognized sign language), even our family has adopted some.  Sometimes we just aren’t quick … Continue reading

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The Popularity Of Baby Signing ~ Chris

I’m happy to say that baby sign language is becoming more and more popular.  Maybe it’s because as a cohort the late 20’s and early 30 something’s have finally started to having children of their own.  We’re a highly educated … Continue reading

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