Comparing your baby to the mythical average baby (speech milestones)

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Baby makes cooing and babbling sounds and cries differently based on need. Baby smiles spontaneously by one month of age, and may orient toward the direction of a sound. By month 1-2.5 months baby has learned to recognize their parents voice.

3-6 months

Increased interest in sounds. Infant beings to imitate speech sounds such as “p”, “b” and “m.”

6-9 months

Connects making sounds with getting attention. Makes monosyllabic babbling or combines vowels and consonants such as “ba”, “da”, “goo”, etc. Graduates to polysyllabic babbling such as “babababa”, “lalalalala”, etc. Begins to show understanding of words. Can manipulate objects and imitate gestures.

9-12 months

Can comprehend instructions like “wave bye-bye.” Understands about 12 words by month 12, such as family members, pets, cups, shoes, juice, body parts, etc. Most infants will say “Mama” or “Dadda”, but might also truly understanding their meaning as a label. Might also say “bye-bye” and other simple words. Begins to respond to simple requests such as “come see Dadda” and “want more?” Uses speech to get attention instead of crying. Copies sounds and speech.

12-24 months

Children at this age should have a receptive vocabulary of about 300 words. Spoken language increases monthly. Spoken language reaches about 200-275 words. Can follow simple commands or even two step commands without needing gestures. Can point to body parts when asked. Points at pictures in books. Asks two word questions such as “go bye bye?” and combines words such as “want milk.” Pronouns begin to appear such as “me” and “you” but might be used incorrectly.

24-36 months

Child’s speech seems to explode. Words are combined into 3 word sentences. Child asks “why” questions and uses “no” and “not.” Child enjoys labeling objects in books. Child understands more complicated commands such as “pick your toys up and put them in the box” or “Move the cup next to the book on the table.” Child can identify colours, and understand concepts like big vs. little. Speech is fifty percent understandable by strangers, increasing to 75 percent by age 3.

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