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Social Baby Sign Language ~Chris

Unfortunately while our worlds are becoming more global and connected, we’re also becoming less central.  Usually this involves living at a distance to our families and friends.  Thankfully we can communicate through various media, but even this is no substitute … Continue reading

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Dealing With Repetition And Boredom ~ Chris

When you first take up signing, it’s boring, seriously.  It’s repetitive and unrewarding.  I’m not going to even beat around the bush on this one.  For starters, your baby is going to start off as unresponsive, dismissive, and disinterested.  Second, … Continue reading

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Will Learning To Sign Interfere With My Baby’s Speech And Language Development? ~ Chris

No!  Absolutely not.  In fact, sign language has been shown over and over again to help baby’s learn to talk rather than the other way around.  Studies show that baby’s vocabularies can be as much as a year ahead at … Continue reading

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To Start Signing You Don’t Need Prior Experience ~ Chris

Many parents fear that teaching their baby to sign requires that attend special classes and invest significantly in study materials.  They also fear that it will take too much time out of their day. This couldn’t be further from the … Continue reading

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Baby Sign Language Puts Your Baby and Toddler On The Right Foot ~ Chris

There is so much research telling us that the first 5 years of life are the most critical for a baby.  Their brain and physical development is massive.  What your do as a parent probably won’t matter as much in … Continue reading

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