Baby Signing Combinations ~ Chris

Once your baby has enough signs under their belt, they will begin to combine signs into sign sentences.  This is a key milestone, but not something that happens for quite some time.  Usually when your baby starts to vocalize more, they will also start to do signed sentences.  This normally happens around the age of two, but has been known to start much sooner.  Some babies, for example, can sign sentences (two or more words) by 12 months!

Signed sentences represents a big step in your signing baby’s development, so you should note it.  For the record, a signed sentence is a combination of at least two words.  While this might seem simple, for a baby, it really is a big deal.  Think of a signed sentence as the first of many steps on your baby’s way to fluent communication.

Most toddlers who sign will begin by combining words and signs together and some will do two signs or more.

Here are some examples of common signed sentences:

– Color & object (BALL, CUP, BIRD, etc.)

– MORE & another sign (eg. BANANA, APPLE, etc.)


– Signed object (eg. BALL, TRUCK, etc) & “mine”

– BIG/SMALL & Signed Object (TRUCK, HUG, etc.)

– HURT & “Hand” (or other body part)




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