Teaching Signs By Popping In A DVD ~ Chris

I’m not going to run this thread against any one company.  My point is pretty general and encompasses all media inclusively.  I just don’t think you should outsource baby sign language to a television.  When we’re so caught up with pawning just about everything we do to someone else including growing, harvesting and often serving our food, repairing our cars, renovating our houses, making our clothing, and on and on.  You can probably dream up specializations for all things.  We’re in an era where someone has turned everything people used to do themselves, into a job done for other people.  Did you know some people even hire house cleaners!  Not far fetched is it?  How about home organizers and designers?  Personal stylists and assistants?  Seems we can’t, or won’t do much for ourselves anymore.

However, teaching baby to sign can be a salvation for parents – if they want it to be.  Signing is something you and your child should do together.  It shouldn’t require outsourcing in any passive sense, it shouldn’t involved directing a baby to watch a television screen where a host instructs for you.  When the DVD runs, there’s no one going to interact with your baby, even if baby buys that illusion ‘hook and line’ because they don’t know any better.  Please, don’t let kids think that TV is the only thing that cares about them.  Please don’t outsource such a wonderful chance at connecting with your baby one-on-one.  Communication is something you and your baby do together.

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