How Does Baby Signing Boost Self-Confidence And Self Esteem? ~ Chris

Signing allows your baby to join the adult world.  It allows them to make specific requests, to label their thoughts, emotions and interests.  It forces others to listen to them in a way that is specific and difficult to ignore.  Signs empower your baby very early and this has very specific consequences.

It produces a well adjusted child.  Communication allows y our baby to originate conversations.  If they see a bird or truck or anything else, they can identify these things instantly.  Other babies are left pointing, which can often be very frustrating because their signals can be misconstrued making baby feel powerless and disabled.  A signing baby is clear and concise, they sign words specifically.  This makes babies feel validated.  The sooner baby can make signs, the sooner you and they can have constructive conversations together.  Waiting for your baby to speak is totally unnecessary when most babies can sign back at 10-11 months of age.

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