Things To Keep In Mind While Signing To Your Baby ~ Chris

You’re the model: Be excited and animated.  If you are bored, your baby will be too.  If you want to capture their attention, use big movements and exaggerated facial expressions.  You want your baby to watch you and want to imitate you.  Pretend you are on your own television show!

Try different things: If you aren’t going out into the real world, then your baby’s life will become monotonous (and so will yours).  Take your baby to the store, to the park, on various errands like the doctors office and even restaurants.  There’s no reason your baby can’t tag along with you.  It’s the best way to teach various signs!

Encourage any effort:  Act happy and applaud your baby when they do signs.  Clap, jump up and down, hug them!  Anything you can do to tell them they are on the right track will make signing happen quicker.

Be patient: Signing can take a long time for a baby to get the hang of.  Just because your baby isn’t signing, doesn’t mean that they aren’t learning and benefiting from watching you.  Many times, a baby will watch a sign without making it known they are even paying attention only to replicate the sign independently when you least expect it.  There’s more to signing than just baby signing back.

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