Top Reason To Sign With Your Baby ~ Chris

– Boost Your Baby’s Self-Esteem and Confidence
– Allows baby’s to become active members of the household very early
– Learn about your baby’s interests and permit them to start conversations
– Realize just how smart they are by giving them a voice.
– Reduce whining and tantrums
– Cut back on aggressive behaviours such as hitting and biting
– Give a baby control and power over their lives
– Build confidence in your baby
– Makes Mom and Dad’s life easier because needs and wants are signed
– Advance their communication abilities over other children.
– Increase their vocabulary, literacy and IQ.
– Involve more sense in communication to create more neuronal connections.
– Reduce surprises in your baby’s life to help them build mastery of their world.
– You can teach manners before the “terrible two’s”
– Communicate with them silently from across the room.
– Create stronger sibling relationships
– Impress others!

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