What If I Have No Time To Sign To My Baby? ~ Chris

This is probably impossible!  For starters if you have time to read this blog article you have time to sign to your baby.  Here let me start the ball rolling.

First learn these three signs, EAT, MORE, MILK.  To sign EAT bring the fingertips to the mouth.  Simple!  Next sign MORE by bringing the fingertips of each hand together.  Simple!  Now sign MILK by opening and closing your fist as if milking a cow.  Simple!  Now just do this 20-30 times a day and you’re teaching sign language!  Okay so not every parent is around all day long to sign with their baby, but someone else is, so just pass along these three signs and pick up when you get your baby back from their caregiver.

Signing is pretty easy.  Just get your hands on a baby sign dictionary, hint, hint, learn a word and sign it like you mean it.  Signing with a baby does not require learning ASL, it only requires learning as many signs as you like and then showing them to your baby.  Many programs might try to muddle things, but signing doesn’t require a whole lot of tools.  If you want to master signing, or want to learn quicker and more convenient strategies to signing while avoiding the pitfalls, then by all means sign up to a baby sign language course.  These can be fun and a way to bond to other parents, but doing a course online is much more convenient, wink!

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