Signing Things That Are Out Of Sight

When baby can finally sign things that are out of sign, he has graduated a level.  This is a special moment in your baby’s signing career.  It’s also very amusing for parents as they shift from the tangible world – the here and now, to the imagined and creative world of toddlers.

I remember my son signing things he wanted like MILK, RAISINS, CEREAL and WATER as well as a slew of others such as MONKEY and MOON.  Obviously he would sign foods and drink when he wanted them, but signs for monkey and moon would be signed because he wanted to see images of them which we’d been studying.  Because he knew the signs, he was able to specifically ask for them.  While it wasn’t always appropriate or timely, I was able to acknowledge his thoughts and desires.  Naturally, this made him always feel heard – at a minimum.  What does life look like to a toddler without signs?

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