Signing Babies Have Super Human Hearing And Vision! ~ Chris

The title must be so!  Why, well because signing babies are almost always the first to notice things around them.  Without even noticing, your baby might sign DOG or AIRPLANE and you might tune into hear one fly by or bark.  Your baby might notice a FROG or BIRD on a shirt.

I’ve been surprised many times when my son has picked up on something I had never noticed.  You would think that babies are geniuses if it wasn’t for the fact that for them, everything they are seeing is fresh and new.  The first time you saw something, you too saw all the details and probably do so even today.

When we look at things now as adults the edges blur – but not so for babies.  It’s all new to them however, with age, they will lose this too.  However, signing presents a wonderful way to see the world through fresh eyes.  If you wait until your baby can talk, they will have seen and heard many things, many times-over and for them too, the edges will have blurred.  There’s a deeper lesson here about life, but that’s not what this blog is all about (and I digress)!

The point to this blog is to open up your eyes to your baby’s world by arming them with language.  I promise that if you teach your baby a few signs you’ll never regret it.  Once you get over 20 routine based words and get into motivating words, you’ll experience an entirely new and fascinating world.

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