Teaching Sign Language Incorrectly ~ Chris

Once you get started on sign, you might get the odd comment about how you are doing this or that wrong.  To a parent that really wants to do right by your baby, this sort of thing might grate on your conscious and because of your good nature and intentions might make you wonder if these comments have merit.

I will say that as long as you are signing and its fun for you and baby, then you’re doing it right.  It’s pretty much as simple as that.  Yes, there are ways to make teaching more effective and efficient and even produce better results, but that’s not the point, is it?  When you teach sign, do you really want to drill your baby?  Do you really want to compete with the next family?  I would say that if this is the case, then you probably have your priorities mixed up, and if you really think about it, maybe this person shooting off comments, is doing just that.  Maybe it’s them who is doing singing incorrectly.

So long as you are patient, follow general signing guidelines, not putting pressure on your little guy, using lots of praise and enthusiasm and using signs to connect with your baby, then you’re doing it right by me.  In our courses, we talk about various methods and techniques to teaching sign, and these will certainly make the experience more pleasurable and even quicker in producing results, but so long as you are doing it for fun and your baby is moving forward, then you’ve probably got nothing to worry about.

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