Common Baby Sign Questions ~ Chris

I’m the only one signing to my baby, is this going to be a problem?

No, it just might take a little bit longer to get your baby signing back.  Repetition is the key to teaching sign language so the more hands you have working and helping, the better.  I absolutely encourage single parents or parents with unwilling spouses to keep at it.  If your spouse isn’t interested, I promise they’ll make an about face when your little guy starts to sign!

My baby is in daycare and they don’t sign, will my baby be affected?

No, lots of people won’t sign to your baby and it won’t bother him all that much.  Plenty of other children will and won’t speak to your baby too and that doesn’t bother them!  Kids are hardy creatures and adjust to any environment they happen to be in.  By the way, have you considered locating a daycare service that does use sign?

My baby is over two years old, can he still benefit?

Yes, absolutely!  Babies as old as three have been shown to benefit from signing.  Signing stimulates both motor and verbal centers in the brain which leads to stronger and more neural connections.  Not to mention the fact that signing uses both the left and right hemispheres so gives a baby more power to access language!

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