Is Baby Sign Some Kind Of New Age Fad Thing? ~ Chris

Yes, absolutely, baby sign language was purposely designed for “power mom’s!”  Non-sense, parents of all kinds are learning and teaching their babies to sign.  Why?  Because it makes their lives so much easier – that’s why.  Besides, signing with babies is fun and lets you open up your baby’s mind so you can have a look inside.

Baby sign language might wax and wane in popularity, but the fact is that there are so many legitimate benefits to signing with your baby, that it will endure the test of time.  For the fact that it makes your life easier, reduces toddler tantrums and spins off so many additional benefits like increased vocabulary and increased IQ means that it has staying power.  Never mind the fact that signing with your baby is easy and convenient!  Once you learn the basic skills of signing with your baby, you won’t need power course materials like DVD’s or CD’s or course manuals or what have you.  Once you know a sign and how best to teach your baby, all that is left is signing – straight up.  Just move your fingers, arms, and hands with the right orientation, movement, direction and handshape, and you’re doing something you and your baby will enjoy.

I always come full circle – signing is fun and if you do it for other reasons, you’re missing the point – full stop.  This is the real reason you should sign with your baby and the joy you get from exploring your baby’s mind can only be experienced first hand – and quite possibly only even one-on-one with your baby.  If you’re considering sign, stop, just do it, you won’t regret it one bit.

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