Moving Past Signs ~ Chris

Some signing parents might find it bittersweet to see their baby move from signing into talking, but don’t count me as one of them.  I guess I recognized from the start that baby signing was just a stepping stone.  When my son said his first clear word “turtle” as we read a book together, I can say with honesty that I was excited.  Signing is not a permanent thing for most hearing babies and watching my son grow and develop is part of being a parent.  While I enjoyed signing with him, I also grew to enjoy talking with him too.

Hopefully, you see it the same way, and while signing probably won’t become a permanent part of your life, it will still evoke many wonderful memories.  If anything, this blog is a testament to that.  As I write my thoughts onto this digital page, I can relive the experiences my son and I enjoyed together.

So if you’re first starting out, let this be a warning – see baby sign language for what it truly is – a stepping stone to language.  And don’t you fret, while baby is happy to move forward, even if you are, you’ll inevitably continue to create more wonderful memories as you both walk through life.

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